Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Lunch

Tuesday lunch is a weekly lunch date with my mom, sister and nephew Adam. It's a great time for Adam and Walker to hang out with each other one on one. They are so cute together. I'm so happy that they are 6 months a part and will always have family close to their age.

This Tuesday we decided to go to Kemah. It was freezing! Colder than it has been in a long time. We went to the Aquarium and I was less than impress. Actually, I spent the day frustrated with our experience and the food quality. But the fish tanks were enjoyed by the boys so that made up for it.

Walking like a BIG BOY!

Adam always a foot step away from Walker, just in case. 


"What's up ladies?"

Best Buds

Walker looks a little unsure of the blueness. 
I LOVE that Walker has his cousins. He has a different relationship with both, Adam and Isabella and they are so sweet to their "Baby Walkie" or "Wa Wa". 

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