Friday, September 19, 2014

I went for an interview and I got a job!

 That's me, heading to my first teaching interview in the district where I grew up. It was totally random. I received a call on a Wednesday and they wanted me to come in on Friday. I thought, "well, I'll go and see what an interview feels like". I thought for sure that they would want to hire an experienced teacher, especially since the school year has started. But, low and behold, I got it!

 I went two days and shadow a fellow third grade language arts teaching who would also become my mentor. I LOVED my team and was very excited. With the excitement came the heartache of leaving my baby. My mother would be watching Walker while I was at school, and honestly she would barely be watching him. He goes to school three times a week and R is off on Fridays.

 Leaving Walker was seriously, the hardest thing, ever! Yes, I left him in the NICU but I promised to never do that again. I cried the day before, the night before, the day of my first day, the night of my first day, and probably for the first two weeks. The weekends were super hard. It felt like the first day all over again. It took time and it helped that I had to jump head first into teaching to keep me occupied. I was busy all the time. Leaving before he woke up in the mornings and returning home in time to spend just 2 hours a night with him.