Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Friend Time

Walker has had an awesome summer! He's been swimming, played in the rain, spent time with friends and family. I love this age because he's open to trying anything. 

My sister and I found out from a friend that Pirate's Bay in Baytown has a toddler time in the mornings that is discounted. It works out perfectly for us because it is not too hot and it is early enough to bring the littles home for a nap. An added bonus is that at a discounted rate, it is easy on the pockets. It is a great place to take little people!

 We also drove all the way out to Audrey's house for some summer fun! Just kidding, Audrey! Her community has an awesome pool selection. This day we chose to do something geared towards the littlest of the kids.
Walker set and ready for the ride to Audrey's!

Look at all that goodness! 

The babies, Mommas, and Paigey Poo!

We had so much fun! We have plans to do it again before the summer ends. I can't believe summer is coming to a close. Pretty soon it'll be back to our school schedule and early bedtimes. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th

I LOVE JULY 4TH! I love the hotness! I love the food! I love the fireworks! And I also love that at our new house that we can stand in the driveway and see the fireworks! Perfect!

Yeah, um, we put these together wrong. It wasn't until I saw a friend's picture of her wearing them correctly that I found that little detail out. Ha!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

House Updates

We've been busy updating the house. Well, I've been busy telling R exactly what I want and he's been busy doing it! I love my dining room and formal living. I hate formal living rooms. What's the point? I have a big family and needed a big table. This area allows me to have unlimited space to do whatever I want with it. So basically it is a huge dining room with a chair by the window. The chair disappears for the Christmas tree in December. Still working on finding the perfect piece for the window.