Friday, July 26, 2013

Blood Results Are In...

"You ARE the father!" Just a little Maury humor.

I had my blood test on the 11th. I let a week go by before I started calling and I called from last Thursday until yesterday. I had a horrible migraine and decided that at 8pm I was taking PM's to get some sleep. I had given up that my doctor was going to call me back. At 9pm, right when the pills were kicking in and I was extremely groggy, he called. 

I have always had the suspicion that I had poly cystic ovary syndome, PCOS. I fit every check box possible. Last night when Dr. I called the first thing he said was, "You definitely have PCOS. There's no doubt. You were right.". So that made me feel good. Good that I was right and good that I have officially been diagnosed. 

We discussed how we conceived Walker and furthered our plans to start trying to make another Emery baby. I'll go for an ultrasound to check out my insides. He's calling me in a prescription for Provera and Clomid. After the ultrasound when he has looked over the scans, we'll start with Provera. Provera kick starts a woman's cycle. Clomid is to stimulate ovulation. 

These two drugs are the same ones we used to conceive Walker. We'll follow these steps for three cycles. If I am not pregnant by the end of the three months, I will be referred to a specialist. The same specialist is monitoring my chart, ultrasound scans, and progress. If he thinks something else will help us get pregnant, we will take his suggestions. 

We were really lucky and conceived Walker on the first try and we are praying hard that this new journey is just as easy. We are so excited! I had a mom friend send me her ovulation strips (Love you Kimmy!), and I had another friend offer another set tonight (Thanks Jana!). We can't wait to get started!

Having a baby changes a person and I get super excited when people express interest in joining our journey for another baby. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making Strides

When Walker was first introduced to solids we had to stay away from fruits. They have bacteria that was sensitive to the bacteria that was already in his stomach. So we stayed away for a while. We tried peaches and he would gag. He likes bananas but only in the form of purees.

He has tried watermelon but I wouldn't say that he loves it. He tried grapes but didn't care for those too much. He does like tomatoes, though. I love summer fruit and have kept different types in our house this summer. He tried my nectarine a while ago and loved it. He likes bananas but likes to eat them whole and not cut up. He's a picky monster! I am trying apples this weekend.

He was sloppy, sticky and needed a change of clothes after eating his nectarine. Loves them!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Nothing to see here. Just a thief eating a stolen Snicker's, trying to hide under his bed.

"Hey! Get back here with that photographic evidence!" 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Smiley Boy

There is rarely a moment when Walker is not smiling. He's so darn cute! He is very ticklish like his Dad and let's out a great little laugh. I live to hear that laugh. Melts my heart.

He's so funny! You can only see those two small teeth on the bottom. He has 10.5 teeth and working on another molar on the bottom. Geez! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

It Never Fails

Our nights go something like this: dinner, bath, milk, put the dogs in their kennel, drag Walker out of their kennel and put him in bed. He LOVES Tie Bear so much, it's unreal!
He seems pretty happy with sleeping with the dogs. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Begun

I waited until I was more than a month overdue for my cycle. I called my doctor on Monday and the nurse called back on Tuesday. I thought for sure every thing was going to be fine and she would call in my meds and we would set up an appointment and be done with everything.

She called and did not have the same idea. I was so upset. I wasn't at home either and at the mall with my family. Not at a place where I could openly talk about what was going on with my body. She called to say that Dr I had said to give it some time for my body to start it's own cycle and to call back in 2-3 months. I had to explain to her that that was not the plan we had discussed back in May and if we were going to wait for my body to have it's own cycle we would be waiting forever. She said maybe she needed to refresh his memory and relay that to him.

I came home from the mall upset and with a migraine. I was a mess and called R crying. It was about 6 o'clock and I thought for sure I wouldn't hear back until the next day. While I was on the phone with R the nurse called back to say that she told Dr I what I said and he remembered my case. They sent a list of blood work to the lab and I could go in whenever I had time and we would go from there.

I went today to do the blood work. Now just waiting for the results to check my levels and see where we go from there.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesdays

Out of ALL the toys...

...he pulls his changing pad off and drags it around the house. 

Stuck! HELP!

Friday, July 5, 2013

My Top Drawer

This is what my top drawer looks like:
I was harassed and followed around Walmart by an associate. The lady said, "What are you going to do with all of these? Sell them at a Flea Market?". Uhh, no Walmart lady, I'm not. I'm going to pee on all them. They're $.88! Cheaper than the Dollar Store tests.

Have I mentioned I'm a POAS-holic?

*POAS: Pee On A Stick. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th

We had a great July 4th filled with celebrations! 

We started the day off at our town's July 4th parade. It started at 10 and it took me five minutes to wake Walker up. I started by opening the door to let him hear us moving around and hoping he would wake up on his own.That did not work. It took me rubbing his leg and saying his name many times, and then he gave me a very mean glare like, "Why are YOU waking ME up?". Lovely. 

Nana holding Walker and waving. 

"Hold me Nana"


 Walker hated the sirens from the fire trucks.

Aunt Sissy and Walkie. 

Dad forgot to dress for the holiday. Look at Walkie's lips! Perfection!

The Emerys. 
 After the parade we went to my parent's for a fish and shrimp fry. It was delicious. R did such a great job with the food. Oh, the hush puppies. Yum!

Content with being a little too big for the float. 

Watching Nana shoot confetti things. 

"Okay, Nana. We're ready"

The cousins.

Dad and his girls.

I promise Walker wears clothes. Nana spilled Gatoride all down his back. 
My parent's house is perfect to watch fireworks at. You didn't even have to leave the neighborhood! Awesome!

We are exhausted from our busy day and we can't wait to sleep in tomorrow. Happy 4th of July. We are thankful for our freedom and those who have fought for it.