Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making Strides

When Walker was first introduced to solids we had to stay away from fruits. They have bacteria that was sensitive to the bacteria that was already in his stomach. So we stayed away for a while. We tried peaches and he would gag. He likes bananas but only in the form of purees.

He has tried watermelon but I wouldn't say that he loves it. He tried grapes but didn't care for those too much. He does like tomatoes, though. I love summer fruit and have kept different types in our house this summer. He tried my nectarine a while ago and loved it. He likes bananas but likes to eat them whole and not cut up. He's a picky monster! I am trying apples this weekend.

He was sloppy, sticky and needed a change of clothes after eating his nectarine. Loves them!

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