Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th

We had a great July 4th filled with celebrations! 

We started the day off at our town's July 4th parade. It started at 10 and it took me five minutes to wake Walker up. I started by opening the door to let him hear us moving around and hoping he would wake up on his own.That did not work. It took me rubbing his leg and saying his name many times, and then he gave me a very mean glare like, "Why are YOU waking ME up?". Lovely. 

Nana holding Walker and waving. 

"Hold me Nana"


 Walker hated the sirens from the fire trucks.

Aunt Sissy and Walkie. 

Dad forgot to dress for the holiday. Look at Walkie's lips! Perfection!

The Emerys. 
 After the parade we went to my parent's for a fish and shrimp fry. It was delicious. R did such a great job with the food. Oh, the hush puppies. Yum!

Content with being a little too big for the float. 

Watching Nana shoot confetti things. 

"Okay, Nana. We're ready"

The cousins.

Dad and his girls.

I promise Walker wears clothes. Nana spilled Gatoride all down his back. 
My parent's house is perfect to watch fireworks at. You didn't even have to leave the neighborhood! Awesome!

We are exhausted from our busy day and we can't wait to sleep in tomorrow. Happy 4th of July. We are thankful for our freedom and those who have fought for it. 

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