Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweenie!

We started our day at Chipotle with Aunt Sissy and cousins Izzy and Adam and Nana met up with us. Adam is really starting to take notice to his little cousin, Walker. I love that Izzy calls him Baby Walkie and she doesn't miss a beat. 

Later on we met back up at Nana's house so the cousins could take some Halloween pictures in their costumes. Isabella is Ariel and her little brother Adam is Sebastian the crab. Walker dressed up as a sweet pumpkin. 

"Oh hey Yadams"

"Give me that crown Izzy!"

Adam and Izzy holding Walkie

Izzy holding Baby Walkie

Adam loves holding Walker

 Just checking out Baby Walkie

The boys! Look at Adam's foot!



Trick or Treat? This baby is going to sleep!
Happy Halloweenie to all, and to all a Spooky night!


Now that Walker is pushing me to give him more things to do himself, we have started moving in the direction of him feeding himself. He succeeded yesterday with Cheerios and today we tried waffles.
"New food!"

"Which piece should I pick up?"

Tasting it.

Really biting into it. 

Happy Baby! 
He is just too cute!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Walker tried out Cheerios and LOVED them! He wanted to eat them all day instead of his food and bottles.
"What are these?"

"Got one"

"These are delicious! Get in my mouth!"


"Maybe a little too much!"

"Wild hair!"
 Walker spent the rest of the day trying so hard to crawl! He would get on his knees and get mad because he  couldn't get the rhythm down. He then decided to roll all over the living room. Hey, whatever gets you to where you want to go, right?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

You Say It's Your Birthday...

Well, it's Nana's too! Yes, Walker shares a birthday with his Nana. Double the celebration!
What a difference a year makes! 

Birthday Twins!

Our birthday boy enjoying the beautiful weather!
 We fired up the cotton candy machine and enjoyed some more before we have to return it.
"It's sticky!"

Deep in thought about how much he loves cotton candy 

The mustache cups from the party. They were SO cute!

Happy Birthday Walker

To my sweet boy Walker,

Today is your birthday. You have been here for 366 days, it was a leap year, and I am blessed with the title of being your mom. I cannot believe you are already a year. It seems like your were just born but at the same time, like you have been here forever.

You are wonderful. You are beautiful. I love you so much, I don't think you will ever know just how much. Sometimes your dad and I just stare at you and wonder how we were so lucky. We can't believe you are ours.

It is a strange feeling to think that you were that little baby that weighed a mere 1 pound 14 ounces. Look what a year has done for you. Well, what you have done in a year's span. You are a miracle. The first couple months were very, very hard on us. We never gave up faith that you would make it pass all of the obstacles that were thrown at you. We knew that God had a purpose for not only you but for us as a family. It is very hard to look back and think of the beginning. In all the bad times, you shined through. You are the most perfect creation.

I have loved spending every minute with you. I love to hear your small voice get louder and louder. I love your squeaky little laugh that is so contagious, you can't help but smile. Your determination to do all things by yourself. I love that you need me for so many things and I can see the time of that is running out. And it makes me so very sad. You are the best thing I could have ever imagined. You make my days happier and my nights brighter. I am so honored to be your mother. I will always be your biggest cheerleader through life.

You have touched so many people's lives. You have restored faith not only in modern medicine but in God. You can not look at you, hear your story, and not believe in God. You are living proof of so many people's prayers.

I cannot wait to see what the future will hold for you. You have already accomplished so much in your first year, I cannot wait for the ride of your life. You are my heart, my soul, every thing that my dreams are made of. You are my dream come true.

I'll love you forever,

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mustache Bash!

Walker had a Mustache Bash 1st birthday party and it was a success! We had a cold front blow in and had a gorgeous day to celebrate such an amazing journey. Walker looked so cute in his birthday outfit!
Birthday Boy!

The Emery's
His decorations were perfect and everyone loved the mustaches! A special thanks to J Mack for making the birthday signs.

The cake table


So many of our friends and family came out to celebrate with us
Auntie A!
People always think she is me! 

Aunt Paigey Poo!

Walker and Aunt Mary

The Cutter Sisters!

Like Father, like Daughter and Adam!


T, B and C!

Cousin H and Aunt J

"Oh, HEY B!"

Tio Joel and Walker

Aunt Julie and Walker

Aunt J and Walker

Birthday Twins! Uncle Lou and Walker. Uncle Lou grew out a mustache just for the occasion! 

"1,2,3,Cheese MAY MAY!"
Cousins Adam and Izzy!

Emily and Izzy

Cousin C!

Cousin, A and K!

The bounce house, popcorn machine, hot dogs, and nachos were a BIG success!
We also had a cotton candy machine. It was wonderful and R did a great job at making big cotton candy sticks. At one point I walked out to the front yard and it smelled heavenly and there was PINK everywhere!
He might have found a new career!

SO good! 
So many people came out. I think we had over 50 guests! Walker loved all of his presents and would taste them all to make sure they were good! 

"Uncle Pat got me a big boy chair!"

Shake that card, baby! 

"Are you laughing at me?"

"That's cool!"

Walker's Great Grandma Mo sewed individual letters that make up his name. I love the print on the on the pillows. 

"Tastes good. We'll take it!"

Walker really dove into his cake. So fast that he stuck the candle in his mouth as soon as the cake was set down.
Eating the candle 

"What'd you say?"

"Sing it friends!"

"Aunt Sissy, are you getting this?"

"Momma, what are you singing?"

Nom, nom, nom!


"Whatcha lookin' at Aunt Julie?"
We ended the party with family sitting around the couch, my mom yelling "HELP" because Walker pooped all over Aunt Sissy's bedspread, Aunt Julie high tailing it upstairs, my Dad busting it and taking out my favorite necklace, later finding a drink spilled because he belly flopped on the tile. Oh memories! 
"Papa now that I have glasses I can keep a better eye on you"

"You so funny, Papa"

"Papa partied hard"

Ride that Puppy!
 The party was a success! Look at all his stuff!
Thank you to everyone that has celebrated Walker's first year of life. You are all very special to him and to us. We love you!