Friday, October 26, 2012

EOB and me

EOB and I met on our Mom's board. We had the same due date, February 10th, for our babies. I was expecting Walker and she was expecting twin girls, Q&A. I had Walker at 25 weeks and she had her girls at 29 weeks. There was an instant bond between us.

I never wrote about this before and I feel terrible about it. Around Christmas time EOB sent me this wonderful gift. I remember bringing it to my birthday lunch and both, my mom and sister, couldn't read the story behind it.

Beautiful, isn't it? I never gave her the proper "thank you", so I am doing it now. I love you, EOB! Thank you for being you and for reaching out to me. Our kids have come so far in their first year and so have WE!

EOB tried to be really, really sneaky but she wasn't sneaky enough. I came home yesterday to a package at my doorstep. A very cute Houston  Texans fleece sleeper. See evidence 1:
"I think you know who sent this Momma. Think about it"
I started looking for a name on the receipt but couldn't find one. I found the address and had a hunch. And I was correct, EOB sent this to Walkie for his birthday! It came at the most perfect time too! We had a cold front blow through and it's in the 50's here. Walker is nice and warm sleeping peacefully right now. We LOVE it EOB! Thank you so much!
"You did it Momma! You solved the mystery!"

"Hey Q&A! Lookin' good girls!"

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Erin Brown said...

Love you Emery's. Walker you are one handsome little devil! Preemie power!!!