Friday, July 29, 2011

12 Weeks

Weekly Check-In

How far along?
12 Weeks! Baby is the size of a plump plum!

 Maternity clothes?
Motherhood was having a sale and I bought three shirts and then bought two pair of shorts from Target.

I sleep the best during the day. Night time sleeping is awful for me.

Best moment this week?
Seeing my baby and how much she/he has grown!

Food cravings:
Everything sounds good but turns out to be the devil in disguise when I eat it. Food and me are not friends currently.

We'll find out in September. My maternal instinct has said girl from the beginning but with everyone around me telling me boy, I'm now thinking boy.

Belly button in or out?

I haven't felt movement yet but let me tell you, we have a dancing baby in here! Always wiggling and moving around on the screen.

What I miss?
Just being able to enjoy food to the point of keeping it down and sleeping through the night.

What I'm looking forward to:
What am I NOT looking forward too. Although pregnancy has not been what I envisioned it would be for me, I'm still enjoying it, refuse to complain and would do it many more times again!

Everyday is a milestone in my eyes. Pregnancy comes with a lot of risks and many women dream of being where I am. I know. I was once one. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby, Oh Baby!


IMG_0001 (3)


There is our little love bug! Look how much that bug has grown since last ultrasound! Baby was relaxing with their legs crossed, one hand behind their head and sucking the thumb on the other hand. The nurse pushed on my pelvic area and baby was not happy and made a HUGE “O” face and returned right back to the position. There’s no way our baby could be stubborn! Yeah, right!


The picture of the crossed legs and you can see “something” don’t start getting excited. At the stage I am at, both sexes genital areas look the same.


R was so excited when I called him and told him about our baby. He was around coworkers and couldn’t really talk and then called back and wanted to hear the story all over again. When he got home I was sick and he came into the room with the pictures and was smiling ear to ear! You hear people say, “A woman becomes a mother when she finds out she’s pregnant and a man becomes a father when he holds his baby”. Not true for R. He loves his baby already. He loves looking at the pictures and hangs them on the fridge so he can see them all the time. He talks to the baby in my stomach, mostly pleading to be nice to Mommy and stop making her get sick. Like you all already know, R takes excellent care of me and since being pregnant and sick all the time, he is always there with a cold rag and starting my shower after a puking fest. He’s excellent!


Our next appointment is August 22nd and I’ll have my glucose test and blood work done. In September we get to find out the sex! September doesn’t even seem that far away. Everything is going by so fast.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Early Pregnancy Woes

I'm not complaining the least bit, let that be known. But I can't wait until this vomiting/ nausea episodes subside.

Tuesday night was the most serious case I've had. Remember in my last post about my excitement to eating Pei Wei? Never again! When I woke up on Tuesday I had a mild headache I contributed to being thirsty and going to bed thinking about Pei Wei that I had made myself so hungry. Surprise, surprise when the time came to eat I took two bites and was done. I hung out at my mom's house for a while before I started to feel really bad and decided to head home and take a nap.

I really just thought that I would feel fine within time but that all changed at 11 p.m. And so the vomiting multiple times an hour until 6 a.m. the next morning. I couldn't keep my saliva, water or Gatorade down. I was crying on the bathroom floor with R standing in the doorway asking if there was anything he could do. Really it's all very nice that he's asking but come on, there's nothing you can do for a pregnant woman sobbing on the bathroom floor, gagging on her own saliva. He did stay home from work with me for the day. I called my doctor's nurse line to see if I needed to go to the hospital or wait until his office opened. She asked if I wanted her to page him and to be completely honest, I didn't want to wake him or burden him. She did anyways. He called me in Zofran and I passed out.

R stayed home and made me water when I needed it, helped me into the shower because I was so weak, everything was a challenge to do by myself. I seriously thought I was going to have to go to the hospital for fluids because I knew I was dehydrated.

I would just like to say that when I'm sick, I'm not a complainer. I do what I have to do to make myself feel better and go on with my merry way. Wednesday morning I felt like I was putting myself and my baby's health at risk and I was really scared.

So thank goodness I haven't thrown up since Wednesday morning. Today has been an okay day. I had a headache and then the nausea kicked in, R picked up my Zofran and some Whataburger and that was that. Zofran is gross by the way. Half way through the dissolving process I had to spit it out because I started gagging. It doesn't have a bad taste though.

Everyone has so many opinions on what I should do to help myself. Take the medicine, drink enough fluids, stop eating out, eat more food, eat smaller meals throughout the day, etc. My appetite has subsided. I think yesterday I ate at least 700 calories which is bizarre! I don't think I've ever eaten that few! It's not that I'm trying not to eat, but my body has a mind of it's own right now. I will be discussing this with my doctor on Monday.

Monday, July 18, 2011

More purchases!

This week I purchased a couple of maternity tops from Motherhood. I really don't need tops right now but since it's hot in Texas until October, I figured I would take advantage of the sale prices.

I ordered another shirt but it's already off the website. I really need bottoms now.

I'm around 10 weeks now. More like 10.5 weeks. Time is going by too fast. I want it to slow down. This weekend I think I ate three times a day. That is the most I've eaten since before we were trying to get pregnant. I managed to keep it all down also! I had a few nausea spills but nothing that a little nap or laying down flat couldn't fix. I still haven't gained any weight. Now that I'm keeping food down I'm making changes to my eating habits.

Before I leave I want to leave you all with this tid bit... I am so very happy!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've been slacking...

Sleeping has become a disaster for me. Anyone who knows me knows I love to sleep, these past couple of weeks have been brutal. R hates when I fall asleep before him. He says he likes to fall asleep first because he can take up as much room as needed to fall into a deep sleep before I start pushing him around. The other night, when I was extremely tired and hadn't had a good nights sleep in, I don't even remember, I fell asleep early. R thought it would be extremely funny to start shaking me and saying "Wake up!". This went on for probably 5 times before he went to sleep. And what happened to me? I was WIDE awake! I was so mad!

My sleeping schedule goes something like this. If go to sleep at 10 I'll wake up at 1230 and stay awake until 3 or 4. R's alarm goes off at 445 and then I'm up again. I then stay up until at least 9 and go back to sleep and wake back up at 12. I took a picture of me and I have circles around my eyes. No matter what I try, baths at night, no naps during the day, no caffeine after 5 (which isn't very hard because I don't drink much to begin with), nothing seems to give me a full nights rest. Hopefully in a couple of weeks when I enter the second trimester I will start back to my sleeping routine and have a ton more energy to last me through the day. And, hopefully the nausea and barfing will subside also. I've been a sickly pregnant woman.

I'm pretty sure I have found the bedding that I want. I LOVE it! It's gender neutral, classy and I just want to buy it right now!! For a boy I wouldn't get all the matchy-matchy stuff and use an accent color of orange or rust. For a girl I'm really thinking I might use the mirrored decorations that are now popular and maybe gold, pink, teal or a golden yellow. Really for a girl the options are endless. For a girl I would use white furniture and for a boy I guess I would use espresso. I don't like the wood stained furniture. I'm more of a black or metal furniture person, unlike my husband who loves pine...Eww!

Speaking of purchasing items, our first purchased arrived yesterday! R has been diligently searching good deals on diapers and baby accessories or necessities like I like to think. He ordered 108 Pamper Swaddlers in newborn size and 504 Huggies sensitive wipes. R is also registered as an Amazon mom, HA HA!!

The 25th is our second appointment and we will reassess the due date depending on the size of the baby. It will most likely stay February 10th and we will have another picture! I can't wait!

I'm going back to bed!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Morning Sickness is a Myth!

The only "morning" sickness that I've experienced is late night/early morning. I've been sick a lot. Food and my body are enemies! Days that I eat, I feel like a true champion! I'm not complaining. I'm okay with staying at home all day and night and watching TV, enjoying my AC that has robbed us this summer, spending quality time with my dogs and hanging out on my new laptop. Plus, I sleep a lot. I mean, a lot! I'll sleep 6 hours at night, maybe longer, wake up and go back to sleep for a 3 hour nap. I have heard recently that when you are in your first trimester that your body is working as hard as a mountain climber climbing Mount Everest. I feel like that sometimes!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial. Today the verdict came in and she was found NOT GUILTY on all murder charges. She was guilty on a few nonsense crimes like lying to police. I was disgusted. I know that there was not enough evidence to prove she did kill her beautiful daughter, but we all know that she did. God will have his judgement day with her.

I have one more friend to tell before I can announce it on Facebook. I won't be announcing until my next appointment but I think I might wait until August 1st, just to be safe.