Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby, Oh Baby!


IMG_0001 (3)


There is our little love bug! Look how much that bug has grown since last ultrasound! Baby was relaxing with their legs crossed, one hand behind their head and sucking the thumb on the other hand. The nurse pushed on my pelvic area and baby was not happy and made a HUGE “O” face and returned right back to the position. There’s no way our baby could be stubborn! Yeah, right!


The picture of the crossed legs and you can see “something” don’t start getting excited. At the stage I am at, both sexes genital areas look the same.


R was so excited when I called him and told him about our baby. He was around coworkers and couldn’t really talk and then called back and wanted to hear the story all over again. When he got home I was sick and he came into the room with the pictures and was smiling ear to ear! You hear people say, “A woman becomes a mother when she finds out she’s pregnant and a man becomes a father when he holds his baby”. Not true for R. He loves his baby already. He loves looking at the pictures and hangs them on the fridge so he can see them all the time. He talks to the baby in my stomach, mostly pleading to be nice to Mommy and stop making her get sick. Like you all already know, R takes excellent care of me and since being pregnant and sick all the time, he is always there with a cold rag and starting my shower after a puking fest. He’s excellent!


Our next appointment is August 22nd and I’ll have my glucose test and blood work done. In September we get to find out the sex! September doesn’t even seem that far away. Everything is going by so fast.

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