Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've been slacking...

Sleeping has become a disaster for me. Anyone who knows me knows I love to sleep, these past couple of weeks have been brutal. R hates when I fall asleep before him. He says he likes to fall asleep first because he can take up as much room as needed to fall into a deep sleep before I start pushing him around. The other night, when I was extremely tired and hadn't had a good nights sleep in, I don't even remember, I fell asleep early. R thought it would be extremely funny to start shaking me and saying "Wake up!". This went on for probably 5 times before he went to sleep. And what happened to me? I was WIDE awake! I was so mad!

My sleeping schedule goes something like this. If go to sleep at 10 I'll wake up at 1230 and stay awake until 3 or 4. R's alarm goes off at 445 and then I'm up again. I then stay up until at least 9 and go back to sleep and wake back up at 12. I took a picture of me and I have circles around my eyes. No matter what I try, baths at night, no naps during the day, no caffeine after 5 (which isn't very hard because I don't drink much to begin with), nothing seems to give me a full nights rest. Hopefully in a couple of weeks when I enter the second trimester I will start back to my sleeping routine and have a ton more energy to last me through the day. And, hopefully the nausea and barfing will subside also. I've been a sickly pregnant woman.

I'm pretty sure I have found the bedding that I want. I LOVE it! It's gender neutral, classy and I just want to buy it right now!! For a boy I wouldn't get all the matchy-matchy stuff and use an accent color of orange or rust. For a girl I'm really thinking I might use the mirrored decorations that are now popular and maybe gold, pink, teal or a golden yellow. Really for a girl the options are endless. For a girl I would use white furniture and for a boy I guess I would use espresso. I don't like the wood stained furniture. I'm more of a black or metal furniture person, unlike my husband who loves pine...Eww!

Speaking of purchasing items, our first purchased arrived yesterday! R has been diligently searching good deals on diapers and baby accessories or necessities like I like to think. He ordered 108 Pamper Swaddlers in newborn size and 504 Huggies sensitive wipes. R is also registered as an Amazon mom, HA HA!!

The 25th is our second appointment and we will reassess the due date depending on the size of the baby. It will most likely stay February 10th and we will have another picture! I can't wait!

I'm going back to bed!

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