Monday, July 18, 2011

More purchases!

This week I purchased a couple of maternity tops from Motherhood. I really don't need tops right now but since it's hot in Texas until October, I figured I would take advantage of the sale prices.

I ordered another shirt but it's already off the website. I really need bottoms now.

I'm around 10 weeks now. More like 10.5 weeks. Time is going by too fast. I want it to slow down. This weekend I think I ate three times a day. That is the most I've eaten since before we were trying to get pregnant. I managed to keep it all down also! I had a few nausea spills but nothing that a little nap or laying down flat couldn't fix. I still haven't gained any weight. Now that I'm keeping food down I'm making changes to my eating habits.

Before I leave I want to leave you all with this tid bit... I am so very happy!

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