Friday, May 30, 2014

Emery Cousin Dinner

*As I'm uploading these pictures almost 9 months later, We need to do this again! So much fun! 

The Emery family has started doing family dinners and we started it off with a cousin's dinner/celebrating the December birthdays at Pappasito's. It was such a fun night! And a good bounding time for us. With the cousins, I'm the only married in woman. So it's fun to get to deepen my relationships with them and for the men to, well, be men together!

Brothers in Love

Women being women

Again here too

This is just funny! Judy is camera ready!

Margaritas/Tequila makes Momma go crazy!

Selfies with the staff!

A very rare, documentation, of R being the DD. 

There we go!
It took a lot of planning and finding the perfect date where we all could meet up. Such a fun night!


I had my HSG performed today. It was uncomfortable but nothing too painful. I took two Aleve before the process and the radiologist was a nice guy who had performed many of these. I got to watch the dye enter my ovaries and uterus and, although he can't give a formal diagnosis, he said they look normal, clear, and open. That is great news!

R turned in his semen analysis while we were in the Med Center, today. That office was crammed packed with a bunch of men and two women; me and another wife. It was actually hilarious! R had his sample in cup that was placed inside the bag. He knocked on the closed receptionist's desk and took the cup out of the bag. A woman sitting next to the window snickered and talking in another language to her husband while pointing at it. I told R she was not impressed with his quantity. Ha! The receptionist opened the window, R tried to give it to her, she said, "NO! Put it back in the bag!". It was all hysterical!

Now we wait for the results of my HSG and R's analysis to be sent over to my OBGYN and she'll look over everything and call me with further instructions. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Walker's Last Day of MDO and Memorial Day

Walker wrapped up his first year of Mother's Day Out this week. We are ready for the summer time and lots of things to keep us occupied. I'm a little scared, to be honest. He might become very bored without school during the week.
I swear he loves school!
 Memorial Weekend R was off so we decided to have a family crawfish boil. We bought our house back in December and R began a shut down so he's been working super hard and long hours. We are finally getting time to enjoy our new home together. Did I mention the house had an above ground pool? While I'm a little partial to in-ground pools, we hope to utilize this pool for the summer. Walker enjoys it. Adam is a little scared of it. Isabella loves it because it's different than what she is used to.

Right about now it was time for a nap, if you couldn't tell

Mother enjoying herself


The crawfish was delicious, the weather was beautiful; hot during the day but got chilly around 4p.m.. We had a great weekend and a great way to kick off the summer!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

R's Company Party!

R's company really stepped it up with the company family party in Galveston on the Pleasure Pier. We took advantage of that fun time and had a great time!
This is what it looks like when I try to take a family selfie. Never works out too well. 

He tried to pretend he hated it but he really loved it!

Look at his face!
 We decided, on the way to Galveston, to see if my family wanted to meet us out there and eat lunch at The Spot. I LOVE the spot! It was a hot day and we decided after lunch to go across the street to the beach. The kids always enjoy their time together. I didn't pack a bathing suit for any of us, but I'm always prepared with extra clothes, a lawn chair, and towels in my car. You never know! That totally saved us!

Baby Baywatch!

It was such a fun day! I can't wait to do it again!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

What a day! We started out at church with the family, followed by lunch. It was an easy, no fuss, Mother's Day celebration.

The big cousins.

He moves too fast!

Pretty much sums up these two dudes!


He made me a mother. He's perfect!

My sister and her family.

Sisters/Best Friends


My huge cow picture from my parents. 

R's gift.