Friday, May 30, 2014

Emery Cousin Dinner

*As I'm uploading these pictures almost 9 months later, We need to do this again! So much fun! 

The Emery family has started doing family dinners and we started it off with a cousin's dinner/celebrating the December birthdays at Pappasito's. It was such a fun night! And a good bounding time for us. With the cousins, I'm the only married in woman. So it's fun to get to deepen my relationships with them and for the men to, well, be men together!

Brothers in Love

Women being women

Again here too

This is just funny! Judy is camera ready!

Margaritas/Tequila makes Momma go crazy!

Selfies with the staff!

A very rare, documentation, of R being the DD. 

There we go!
It took a lot of planning and finding the perfect date where we all could meet up. Such a fun night!

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