Friday, May 30, 2014


I had my HSG performed today. It was uncomfortable but nothing too painful. I took two Aleve before the process and the radiologist was a nice guy who had performed many of these. I got to watch the dye enter my ovaries and uterus and, although he can't give a formal diagnosis, he said they look normal, clear, and open. That is great news!

R turned in his semen analysis while we were in the Med Center, today. That office was crammed packed with a bunch of men and two women; me and another wife. It was actually hilarious! R had his sample in cup that was placed inside the bag. He knocked on the closed receptionist's desk and took the cup out of the bag. A woman sitting next to the window snickered and talking in another language to her husband while pointing at it. I told R she was not impressed with his quantity. Ha! The receptionist opened the window, R tried to give it to her, she said, "NO! Put it back in the bag!". It was all hysterical!

Now we wait for the results of my HSG and R's analysis to be sent over to my OBGYN and she'll look over everything and call me with further instructions. 

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