Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Morning Sickness is a Myth!

The only "morning" sickness that I've experienced is late night/early morning. I've been sick a lot. Food and my body are enemies! Days that I eat, I feel like a true champion! I'm not complaining. I'm okay with staying at home all day and night and watching TV, enjoying my AC that has robbed us this summer, spending quality time with my dogs and hanging out on my new laptop. Plus, I sleep a lot. I mean, a lot! I'll sleep 6 hours at night, maybe longer, wake up and go back to sleep for a 3 hour nap. I have heard recently that when you are in your first trimester that your body is working as hard as a mountain climber climbing Mount Everest. I feel like that sometimes!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial. Today the verdict came in and she was found NOT GUILTY on all murder charges. She was guilty on a few nonsense crimes like lying to police. I was disgusted. I know that there was not enough evidence to prove she did kill her beautiful daughter, but we all know that she did. God will have his judgement day with her.

I have one more friend to tell before I can announce it on Facebook. I won't be announcing until my next appointment but I think I might wait until August 1st, just to be safe.

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