Wednesday, October 3, 2012

11 Months

Picture ready! 
Look at this ham! He is getting too, too, too BIG!!

I am 11 months old. I sleep 12 hours a night in my crib. I do not like for my Mommy to hold me or pat my bootie until I fall asleep anymore. She says that breaks her heart, whatever that means.

When I wake up in the morning on the weekend and my Daddy comes to get me out of bed, I scream and scream and scream because I like routines and want my Mommy.

I love to have a bottle first thing when I wake up. Then, I like to jump in my jumper until I make myself tired.  I go down for my morning nap and sleep for another 2-3 hours. When I wake up I like to eat yogurt, cereal and fruit. I think it really gets my day going right.

My Mom and I play all day together. When we go to Target, I either barf all over the place or have major accidents. There's just something about that store that makes me super excited.
All I hear these days is that I'm such a big boy. I weigh 18 pounds 12.2 ounces and I'm gaining by the day. I'm growing out of all my clothes.

 I no longer like sitting in my infant carrier car seat and my parent's just bought me this really nice big boy seat that was outrageously priced. But safety is a major priority when I'm riding around town.

I started doing a lot of cool things this month. I eat Gerber crunchies! They are so yummy in my tummy. The puffs get stuck to my face and don't taste as good as the crunchies. I started eating dairy and so far, so good! I love yogurt! I had peaches for the first time and I gagged. Someone please tell my Mom never to feed me those again.
In PT, I'm a rock star! I'm trying really, really hard to crawl. My brain is saying "Go! Go! Go!" but these dang arms don't know what to do. I've managed to do a little crawling. I'm great at moving on my back. My legs push me wherever I want to go.

I've become more vocal this month also. I watch people's mouths when they talk and try to get the words out like they are but it sounds like "mamamamama". I'm trying though and that's the most important part.
Giant baby!

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