Friday, July 26, 2013

Blood Results Are In...

"You ARE the father!" Just a little Maury humor.

I had my blood test on the 11th. I let a week go by before I started calling and I called from last Thursday until yesterday. I had a horrible migraine and decided that at 8pm I was taking PM's to get some sleep. I had given up that my doctor was going to call me back. At 9pm, right when the pills were kicking in and I was extremely groggy, he called. 

I have always had the suspicion that I had poly cystic ovary syndome, PCOS. I fit every check box possible. Last night when Dr. I called the first thing he said was, "You definitely have PCOS. There's no doubt. You were right.". So that made me feel good. Good that I was right and good that I have officially been diagnosed. 

We discussed how we conceived Walker and furthered our plans to start trying to make another Emery baby. I'll go for an ultrasound to check out my insides. He's calling me in a prescription for Provera and Clomid. After the ultrasound when he has looked over the scans, we'll start with Provera. Provera kick starts a woman's cycle. Clomid is to stimulate ovulation. 

These two drugs are the same ones we used to conceive Walker. We'll follow these steps for three cycles. If I am not pregnant by the end of the three months, I will be referred to a specialist. The same specialist is monitoring my chart, ultrasound scans, and progress. If he thinks something else will help us get pregnant, we will take his suggestions. 

We were really lucky and conceived Walker on the first try and we are praying hard that this new journey is just as easy. We are so excited! I had a mom friend send me her ovulation strips (Love you Kimmy!), and I had another friend offer another set tonight (Thanks Jana!). We can't wait to get started!

Having a baby changes a person and I get super excited when people express interest in joining our journey for another baby. 

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