Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day

Our weather lately has been incredible! Sunday we spent St. Patty's Day by the pool at my parent's house.
Look how big my baby is!

Uncle J

Uncle Paul

When it got too hot we went inside for a little batting practice. Walker is in his diaper because my grandparent's like to keep the house H O T !
Batter up!

There you go, Walkie!

Swing batter batter, swing!

Whoa there!
 I asked Uncle J to please watch Walker for a minute while he was by the staircase. All I hear is "WHOA! H come look!"
He trucked it up those stairs! There are about 4 stairs below the first stair you see in the picture. 

And then he kept going.
 Walker ended his first St. Patty's Day at home by taking a walk with Papa, Nana, cousins Isabella and Adam.
A two seater wagon with three grandbabies. Tisk, tisk Papa and Nana. 

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