Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's Rodeo, Houston!

R was off this weekend so we decided to take Walker to the livestock show. His coworker's son was showing a heffer so we went to see that. 
Walker's first time on the MetroRail. He loved it! A woman asked if he was my baby and I said yes. She said that Walker looked just like his dad. I get that a lot! 

Looking at the animals. 

Making a quick phone call 

Checking out the trucks.
 They have a Borden store and they have Elsie and a baby cow that you can pet. We walked by one time and Elsie was on a break. Fortunately we walked back by and she was there. Walker LOVED her! I had to take his hand off of her horns because he kept pulling them.
"Ooooh! A cow!"

"I'm going to touch it!"

"I love her"

"Okay, Walkie, gentle, not so hard!"
We ate so much food and were more than ready to go home. Great day and family weekend!

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