Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Happenings

Walker has morphed into this little boy who has his own way of doing things and has become very vocal lately. He is so funny to watch. 
Here he is in the midst of touching his forehead to his pancake. 
He has learned to share with others. The other day cousin Adam was crying because his big sister Isabella only brought a book for baby Walkie. Walker held out the book to Adam to share. It was so sweet.
Sharing his pancake with Momma. 

Tapping the pancake. 
It was a gorgeous Saturday and R was stuck at work. We were happy when he called and told us he came home early from work. We ran some errands and took Walker to our favorite sno-cone place in Deer Park.
His first taste of sno-cone was Daddy's Popeye. 

We ended the night letting Walker play a little longer than usual. We savor every minute of our family time we get together.
Batman taking off!

C'mon Batman!

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