Friday, March 29, 2013

Froberg Farm

Froberg Farm is a local farm that has strawberries that you can pick. They also have an awesome farmer's market inside their store with some really nice vegetables and fruits. But most importantly, they have fried pies. Mmmmm!

We decided to make it a play date and invited our "cousins" to go with us. It was fun, hectic, and hot. 
Mr. Grumpy Pant, Walker, was a little upset because he had to wake up early that day. Having to be somewhere at 10 am is really hard on him. Haha!

Mommy and Walker

That's a half smile

Picking strawberries 

Oh he's happy now! Eating a buttermilk fried pie 

Cousin Izzy and Emily 

Cousin Adam showing off his bucket of strawberries and Mallory  in the background 

One shoe on, one shoe off.

Poking the strawberry

Part of the group picking berries. 
After picking berries we went to Aunt Sissy's house. Walker and Adam get along great. A couple months ago when Walker was learning to crawl, Adam would always dog pile Walker and rough him around. R used to tell him to give Walker a few months and he'll be coming after Adam. Boy was he right!

Boy will play rough! Look at that face!
After a nap and when R came home, we headed to my parent's house. When my mom went to Disney she brought my dad back a pair of Mickey ears. Walker is terrified when my dad puts them on. It's so funny!

See his hands in the "stop" gesture?

"Someone GET ME!"

"HELP! Pick me up FAST!"

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