Saturday, March 9, 2013

Catch Up!

I have not blogged in a while and have some pictures to upload. Walker has broken the camera on my phone, so picture taking has slowed down.

He is such a determined and stubborn little boy. We learned fast that Walker will meet his milestones whenever Walker is ready. You can't push him to do them, he just has to want to do them. He has been trying super hard lately to go from sitting position to free standing. It's really funny because he does this arm thing where he reaches up to the sky and then tries to stand. His pediatrician says he has some trunk weakness and will have to build up some more muscle.

Pretending to watch Tv

Gearing up...

Getting the balance...

Go little guy, GO!

He looks like he's dancing! Love this picture!

Taking a break to read the mail.

"Forget that bill! I'm not paying it!"

It looks like he is holding on to the chair but he's free-kneeling it here!

"That's enough for a day's work"

Walker and I were surprised when R called and said not to eat lunch and to wait for him. He decided to take a half day and spent a really pretty weekday with us. We went to Outrigger's for some fish tacos, rode the train at the Kemah Boardwalk,

 went to Dairy Queen for a blizzard and cone, followed by Sylvan Beach Park for some swinging and sliding.

 We had such a great day together.

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