Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seeing Santa!

I'm hellbent on having my kids go see Santa every year. We took Walker and him being his friendly self, like him. The only problem was that Santa would bounce him on his knee and when he would stop Walker would look at him like, "Hey! Keep bouncing me! It's my favorite". Aunt Sissy was quick to save the day and got him to look at her, so in his picture he is smiling but not looking at the camera.

I took this shot and it's really blurry, oh well.
Aunt Sissy's kids are completely terrified of Santa and all these really. We tried to pass Adam off to Santa and he started screaming like a girl! Really, really loud! But besides his fear of real dogs, he really enjoyed playing with Victoria Secret's dog.

Walker ended his first night seeing Santa wearing this new pajama top.
"I love Santa and my mommy"

"This bear tastes more delicious every night we move him"

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