Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning!

Christmas came and we all were so happy to see what Santa left! 
"Why is Mommy and Daddy both in my room this early?"
 Walker woke up happy as can be and we headed in the living room to see what Santa left.
"He does exist"
 Walker got a push toy that plays music. He was pretty excited about it!

"This is MINE!"

"Santa came!"

"What's that over there? Another present for me?"

 He got a phone to call all his lady friends and homeboys.

Santa remembered that he likes Bubble Guppies and he brought Walker some new bath toys.
 Santa heard Mommy's plea to please bring Walker his very own laptop so he would stop trying to get mine.
"Oh yeah! Just like Mommy!"

"I'll save that work for later."

 Walker got an activity cube.
 He seems less than impressed.
 Walker's BIG present from Santa was a bike! He loves it!
 We brushed our teeth and headed over to Nana and Papa's for Christmas breakfast and to open presents. I had the worst migraine ever and stayed in my pajamas all day long. Eventually R had to take me home and we left Walker so I could get some sleep and R went to his dad's house.
 Uncle Ben flies in from the Big Apple every year and this year him and Walker got acquainted. Last Christmas when Uncle Ben came to town, Walker was a mere three-very swollen-pounds with a bunch of tubes and monitors on him.
"Look how much you have grown!"

Best buds!
 We had  a great Christmas! We were so excited to have Walker home and  have him enjoy the holiday with family. This is one Christmas we will never forget.

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