Friday, December 28, 2012

GI Appointment

Walker has his GI appointment a couple days after Christmas to see how things are progressing. He lost a couple ounces from November but that is perfectly fine. He is nonstop and keeps moving until he passes out from exhaustion. I'm not kidding either. Some nights I watch him on the monitor, stand up, fall to sitting positions, face plant in his crib and he is out like a light. She said that was fine and that we had the go ahead to switch him to whole cow's milk. It's been a little tough. We are still mixing a little formula with his milk and he seems to like that.

This is also his 14 month birthday. He weighs 20 pounds 6 ounces, I believe. He eats chicken, turkey, beef, and has tried fish. He loves vegetables. He loves all types of food. He started drinking water from his sippy cup at meals and finds it very refreshing. He is finger walking along the couch, coffee table, entertainment center, anywhere he cruise along. He has two teeth. He can clap his hands. He gives kisses.
Look at how much he looks like a little boy here!

TCH has this amazing section in the crossbridge that is decorated for Christmas. It is beautiful at night. My Dad kept saying last year that he wanted to take his picture there at night and send it to all his friends. It's a great photo op.

 Last year R posed sitting next to it...
...And I was so happy it was still up to get a picture of Walker next to it.
Look how little he looks.

Smiling for Daddy.

We took a picture with cousin Adam like this last year. 
We might actually make this a tradition for a couple years. We'll be the creepers that show up to the hospital just to take a Christmas picture. Cool.

We headed to Tookies after the appointment for a good hamburger! Walker LOVED watching the train go round and round! He also loved the waitress. I was looking down at my menu about to order and heard his squeal. He was literally harassing her by trying to climb out of his high chair and grabbing her body.

Look at that face! So sweet and priceless!

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