Monday, December 24, 2012

My Birthday and The Night Before Christmas

We celebrated my 28th birthday and my Dad's 61st birthday at Salt Grass. It was so good but my throat was killing me. I self diagnosed myself with uvilitis. R gave me a year subscription to Us Weekly magazine. YAY! My brother in law "purchased" it for me one year but he got scammed and I was really sad. I'm so happy to keep up with my celebrity gossip every week.

The Emery family Christmas is that night and we had such a great time. They surprised me with Linda's chocolate fudge cake from the Cheesecake Factory! It was delicious and so thoughtful, Heather. Walker had so much fun with his cousin Kayla and she held him while he watched the Polar Express train go round and round. He had a minor freak out when we walked away. It's not an Emery Christmas until the train conductor goes missing or the train goes off the tracks.

That night R and I were very happy to get Walker ready for bed and talk about Santa coming. We read, "The Night Before Christmas" and then snuggled him into bed.
"So what you're saying is, that Santa comes in my house and leaves me toys?"

"Read it Momma!"

"Open! Open! Open!"

"Are you paying attention, Daddy?"

We all settled in for the night and were all eager to see what Santa brought us in the morning.

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