Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 2 and the Bilibo

We did not get a picture of Walker in his snowflake pajamas because I slept in and R didn't think to do it. It has been a rough day. We have all been tired. There's been a lot of crying. Even from the dogs. We just moved the Christmas Bear right before bedtime. 

"He looked at the skating pond"

"...and then I put him in my mouth!"

"It's my turn to move the bear, Daddy"

 Our favorite family from DFW sent Walker a bunch of books early on and then sent us this toy called a Bilibo. Walker has been trying to pull up on it and tonight we put him in it and spun him.

Getting in

Slapping and making it rock away

Pushing it away


"Uh, I'm falling out Momma!"

Trying to balance

Huh, huh, huh!

So. Much. Fun.

"More spinning"

"Okay. I think I'm getting too dizzy".

The Bilibo is a toy that can grow with Walker. Right now we turn it upside down and he practices pulling up, which I might have forgotten to mention, he pulls up now! It can turn into a little seat later on. You can stand on it. You can use it in the pool. Walker is just now enjoying it. Thank you Shockley's!

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