Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas with the Raineys!

We get to celebrate Christmas early with R's sister and her family a couple days early every year. We always have so much fun and the food is always delicious! No matter how full we get we always have room for some of Julie's cheesecake. It is so good!

Unfortunately, I got sick the day before and could barely breath out of my nose. R picked up a double and took care of Walker during the day while I rested. For some reason when R puts Walker in our bed, they nap together. When I put Walker in the bed with me, he thinks it is time to jump around!
They are such twins!

For Mrs. Charlotte! Thank you so much for the bibs!

 Walker LOVES his cousin Kayla! He sat in her lap and gave her tons of smiles and giggles! He spent the majority of the night hanging out with her.
He sat like this, stroking her hair, and staring at the Christmas tree. He was mesmerized! 

Eating at the dinner table.
 Aunt Julie always has an activity for the kids and this year was the choice of an elf hat or a Santa hat with a beard. We went with the elf hat because the beard wasn't going to work with him. Plus he was on outfit change number three and it was his "I love Santa" onesie. 

There we go! Kayla has her elf hat on too!

He's an elf!
Best Friends!

Cousin Collin came down for the fun!
We had such a great time spending time with the Rainey family. We love them so much and enjoy watching Walker play with his cousins! 

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