Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas is in the Air!

We are SUPER excited for Christmas! Since it is December 1st, we started putting Walker in his Christmas pajamas and reading a Christmas book. Here he is getting dressed for bed. 

 I left to go with my mom, sister and Izzy to Hobby Lobby and Walmart. If you have not gotten any of your decorations, you are out of luck. Most of the stuff is already gone. Thank goodness I got all my decorations the day after Christmas last year!

Walker wore those cute pajamas to bed and in the morning I read him,"Merry Christmas, SPLAT" by Rob Scotton. We aren't cat people but SPLAT is funny and I have most of his holiday books.

This is our Christmas Bear. I grew up fighting my siblings to move the bear every morning. I introduced this to R a couple of years ago and he always jokes that if we get a divorce, he gets the Christmas Bear.
 Walker woke up this morning and R was so excited to show him the bear, read the message for the day, take the bear to where it says, and put him in his slot. Walker could not stop touching it.

 We thought Walker would be a little more excited to get the Christmas tree than he actually was. Before even getting to the place, Walker had a HUGE blowout in his diaper that went all the way in to his shoe. Yeah. Not the Christmas adventure we pictured in our head. If you are wondering why he is only in a onesie, it was the only thing I had for him to wear. Was not prepared for that!

He was afraid of the chainsaw and too scared to tough the trees. Clearly it was naptime.

Walker and R settled in for a nap when they got home and I was determined to have the Christmas tree experience I was envisioning. I decided to start decorating our tree in hopes that Walker would like it with all the "stuff" on it.

This year we decided to go with a whimsical look. We were going to do it last year, but you know how that story goes.

Walker woke up and saw the tree lit up and was happy! He sat in his high chair, ate Cheerios, and tried to keep reaching for the tree. SUCCESS!
I am really happy with how the tree came out this year. The bright colors are so much fun! 

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