Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1st Tests

Since I got a faint positive yesterday in the afternoon, I decided to test with my FMU (first morning urine).

Take a look:

I'm doing this all very sneaky while R is sleeping. I want to surprise him when I announce it. I'm thinking tomorrow I will go buy a onesie that says "I Love Daddy" or a "Knocked-Up" shirt. I want to catch him off guard. I was thinking of waiting until Father's Day on the 19th to make it a big deal but that is SO far away! We will see.

That is the top to my new vanity, isn't it nice?

Other pictures of the bathroom:

I love the style of this mirror. I know it is too small for a bathroom and I have my very talented friend, A, searching for a bigger one for me. The color on the wall is Behr Gobi Desert. In this picture it looks more mustard-y than it really is.

Shower curtain is from Target and called "Mums".

I got these wrought iron wall hangings from Hobby Lobby. They reminded me of the flowers on the shower curtain.

Another wrought iron piece from Hobby Lobby. I love wrought iron!

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