Sunday, June 12, 2011

R's Obsession with Baby Bjorn's

Today was a good day. I was able to brush my teeth without a pep rally convincing my body to calm down, everything will be alright. I've been vomming when I brush my teeth. No bueno!

There's no denying that we love our dogs a little too much. R likes to joke that if he could he would get a Baby Bjorn and carry our youngest, Buddy, around in it all the time. Today, he was holding Buddy and said "I need a Baby Bjorn", then dropped Buddy on the bed and gasped. "I'm totally buying a Baby Bjorn in a couple of weeks". He's so funny!

I still have this horrible rash on my stomach and inner thighs. I think I am allergic to something in my prenatal vitamins. I have VERY sensitive skin and I typically get allergic reactions to ANY medicine that has red dye in it. I thought I was okay because I've taken those before I was pregnant but I guess something else is going on and maybe baby doesn't like it. Who knows! I'm substituting prenatals for a multivitamin that has the same amounts of what I need.

I took a pregnancy test today. I don't know why, I had an extra and just did it. The line came up before the control or result line. It's dark, dark purple.

I'm so happy! :)

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