Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Walker is Sick

That's right. Walker is sick. He had this cough that I brought up to his pedi on Friday but he wasn't concerned. It was a dry cough and it didn't seem to bother him.

Fast forward to Tuesday early morning. I think we woke up at 2:45 to a baby that was upset about being woke up from coughing. The coughing sounded congested and Walker was having trouble catching his breath. After the coughing fit, his breathing was pretty hard and fast. I woke R up and debated taking him to the ER. Yeah, I was that worried. But he fell asleep in his napper in our bed and seemed okay. He didn't really have another bad spell.

Today I was sitting on the couch with Walker trying to feed him and it clicked. He was having trouble breathing and eating and then I remembered that he wasn't taking his pacifier either. The boy loves his paci! So I decided to call the doctor. They offered for the nurse to call me back and I obliged. She called back and I knew she was going to have us come in. She said that with his past issues, BPD and CLD, that they needed to see him. So off we went.

I will NEVER go to the office again at 3pm. That place was a mad house filled with sicklings every where! And for some reason, parent's didn't mind their sick children coughing and sneezing on everything and everyone.

Walker weighs 11 pounds 12 ounces! YAY! That's probably the only good thing that came from the appointment.

Dr. Anderson is gone for his two weeks and we saw his partner, Dr. Palamountain. She listened to Walker from both, front and back and asked if he always wheezed. She decided to hook Walker up to a pulse ox and see his saturation level. It was 89. She had the nurse give him two doses of a breathing treatment and to check it again. It was 96.
"Um, Mom? What is she doing?"

"My Mom wants me to ask you what you are doing?"
She listened to him again and said that she wanted to see him daily. She's not always this cautious but given his history, she feels better if she kept a close on him. And I do too. She said she heard some crackling in his lungs, which is an indication of pneumonia. So went home with the breathing treatment bong looking them and a prescription for an inhaler, antibiotics, steroids and daily appointments.

Not to mention Walker has an ophthalmologist appointment early in the morning. He hates eye exams and I would too if I were him. Their tools look like something from Hostel or a torture chamber.

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