Friday, May 25, 2012

GI Appointment

"Why is Donna mad at David?"

"What does forged checks means?"
Sometimes when Walker is fussy I put him in his Pack n' Play napper and put him in our bed. He falls right to sleep and wakes up so happy! We usually watch reruns of Beverly Hills 90210. There's something about Tori Spelling that makes Walker smile.

He's so damn cute! I couldn't help it!

Today we went to see Dr. Carter and Mrs. Laura. They were very happy with Walker's weight gain. He's 13.2 pounds and averaging 36 grams a day. We get to lower the TPN to 8 hours next shipment and we get to start solids! We are super excited! Protein and vegetables but no sugars. One tablespoon two times a day, I'll be making his food and can't wait to get started! He's also allowed to go up to 100ml for every bottle and then of course his snack of 20ml.

Since Walker is still on the study drug Omegavan they like to draw blood and record his levels. So after his appointment we were sent down to pathology. We had a nice room with this picture on the wall and I thought it was a sign that this was going to go pretty fast.

I was wrong.

These two idiots, seen below, could NOT find Walker's vein. They were digging the needle into his precious skin and he was not having it. She called in another woman who did the exact same thing but more forceful to the other arm. R was not happy and said, "Take it out. We're leaving". Clearly these women don't know how to draw blood.

Walker's little arm is so sensitive because of the second lady. I'll refrain from letting y'all know exactly how I feel about this lady.

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Robyn Garza said...

Go R for taking a stand against incompetent techs! I'm sorry you both had to sit there and put up with that.