Monday, May 14, 2012

ROP Exam

So, last week at Walker's ophthalmologist appointment his ROP snuck up on us again in his left eye. We were pretty upset about that. The decision that laser eye surgery would need to be done to correct this was our only option. What happens with ROP is that the disease produces a mass amount of blood vessels that grow and grow and could pop the retina off causing permanent blindness.

And then Walker got sick with bronchiolitis. We had to get the okay from the pediatrician because he would have to go under anesthesia. We didn't get the okay because of his sickness and we were told 14 days on antibiotics and then we could discuss again. Only if it was an emergency. So, Dr. Steinkuller made us come back today. And the news is that his eye had improved and we don't need surgery! A blessing in disguise!

An infant eye exam is stressful. I can deal with seeing my baby moments after surgery in pain I can't even imagine, being stuck over and over again by needles, getting multiple shots, etc. BUT I can't handle seeing him get an eye exam. If you know Walker, you know that he has a soft cry. When they do what they do, I walk out of the room, and can hear my baby SCREAMING down the hall! What's extra sad is that before hand, Walker was smiling and talking and kicking on the exam table. He loves the sound of that paper they lay down.

Below is a picture. In the bag you see two instruments. The one that looks like an "A" is used to pry the eye open and keep it open. The straight tool is used to move the eye around. There's drops and saline and that magnifying thing is used to see behind the eye. 

 And the last picture I'm showing is my baby after everything happens. See how red he is? He is like that from head to toe! He's sweaty. And he does this cry. Oh this cry! It sounds like shivering. Breaks. My. Heart. I told my Bump friends, "If he could eat ice cream or chocolate or ride a horse, I would buy it for him after every one of these appointments". But he doesn't do any of those things. Instead, I allow him to rule the house. He makes his own schedule and his demands are always met. You want to wake up every hour? Sure thing baby. Whatever you want.

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