Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our First Real Food!

Today we did our Sunday grocery shopping and picked up a few things to feed Walker!

I plan to make his food but wanted to buy one to see the consistency. I chose Earth's Best because there are only two ingredients and I can read them. He's only allowed to have vegetables and no sugars. This caused a problem when looking for food when R brought to my attention when picking up sweet potatoes that those are sugar. So we were both confused. I thought she (dietitian) meant sugar as in fruit. She wrote a list and I can't find it. So I have to wait until Tuesday to get a hold of her.

So we bought peas!

He LOVED them! So much so that he would cry would I took too long.

He is only allowed 1 tablespoon two times a day and R, after seeing Walker's enjoyment, has decided that is not enough. He tried bringing me the rest of the jar to feed him. Not going to happen buddy!

I'm not a rule follower but when it comes to food, you better bet your bottom dollar that I follow EVERY. SINGLE. RULE.  His daily intake is pretty serious. The dietician comes into the appointment with a calculator, asks a bunch of questions and then punches numbers for about a minute before letting us know whether it's good or bad.

We can't wait to watch him eat and try new things and see what he does and does not like.

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