Monday, May 7, 2012

Dietician and Another Pedi Appoitment

Walker had two appointments on Friday, one with the dietician and another with the pediatrician.

His dietician is happy with his weight gain, he's up to 11 pounds 8 ounces! He is now up to 90cc which is 3 ounces. We meet with the dietician at the end of this month and we will start talking about solids. She did tell me that we will most likely be dropping the time on TPN/Omegaven this week! YES!

The pediatrician appointment went well also. He is referring us to a ENT because he's pretty sure Walker has damage to one of his vocal cords. It happens. Walker was intubated for 8 weeks and then reintubated for surgeries, so it's most likely true. These self correct themselves. He'll most likely have a raspy voice.

This week we have ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) coming out to start the process of at home services. PT (physical therapy) will be joining. And we have a dreadful ophthalmologist appointment. What a great week!

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