Sunday, May 13, 2012

My 1st Mother's Day!

R and Walker took me out to dinner on Saturday night. It was so yummy and of course W was the perfect baby. Loud noises soothe him, so a busy restaurant puts him right to sleep.
I ended the night with a sleepy baby who of course loves having his head covered to fall asleep.
I woke up to a screaming baby. If you've ever heard Walker cry, you know it's pretty soft. Not Sunday morning. He was screaming! I thought I was sleep walking or that he was seriously hurt. It was neither. He was fine but wanted his Momma. Having R home this weekend really through Walker off his man-made schedule.  When R woke up he took Walker from me and disappeared from the room. They walked back in wearing these:

Way better than a card! I was very surprised. I also go a Kindle! YAY! R is so good to me and I was really surprised he spelled all the words right!

We got dressed and went to my parent's for our Mother's Day celebration.

Walker went through 3 outfits before we made it home 4 hours later. His body hates antibiotics. He has a killer diaper rash and spits up. He's taking 4 medicines but his doses are 6 times a day. He's not happy. So when we got home, Walker got a bath and we laid around in this cute assemble.
My first Mother's Day weekend was a success! I'll keep that onesie in his baby book forever. I love my husband for being so thoughtful in his gifts for me and spoiling me like usual.

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