Saturday, May 19, 2012

Walker and Tie Bear BFF's!

Tie Bear is my dog. I say "my" because he's the first dog that I ever solely took care of. He lived with me a short time in College Station while I lived with Walker's Auntie A. I've always been partial to him. When he's hurt, the world is ending. I was never scared of sharing my love between my dog and my baby. I still love my dog like I love my baby. I have enough love in my heart to give animals and babies.

When I was pregnant, my boy dogs, Tie and Buddy started to fight. A LOT! They have to go in shifts on who is out. We knew Buddy wasn't going to pay any attention to the baby because, well, he was our baby. But I knew Tie would love him. He loves babies. He's very protective of me and now W.

He walks with me in W's room in the morning to make sure everything is okay. When he cries he pulls his ears up and looks at me like "You hear him?". Before we put him in his kennel for the night he goes into his room. He loves him! And loves his bottles. He also tries to break the bathroom door down when I'm giving W a bath.

The picture below is hilarious! I gave W a bath and changed his poopy diaper in the bathroom. I guess I left it in there because while R was showering I hear Tie slowly walking around the house. Now usually this isn't good but when I looked up he had his eyes centered on me, gently holding the diaper in his mouth. He dropped it at my feet and cleared his throat. Then he jumped on the couch and went to sleep. I was dying with laughter! 

I'm so happy my boys love each other. I can't wait for Walker to chase Tie around the house. I'm sure Tie will lead Walker to places he's not supposed to be.

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