Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Link

I love  watching this link. I'm a bumpie, which means I'm always on The Bump.com, along with helpful ladies and sometimes self righteous women. But you learn a lot about deals, coupons, sales and other fun stuff like this website.

If you've ever wonder, "I wonder what's going on in my body right now?" while you are pregnant, take a look here.

I think people forget that when you are making room for a baby inside your body that your other organs are being pushed and shoved around. Like when you experience heartburn that people retort to that old wives tale that your baby will have a lot of hair.

It's an experience being pregnant. Some days you feel pregnant all over, some days you don't. Sometimes it sneaks up on you. Like today when I was doing the dishes. I guess in the past I would lean my stomach on the counter while I scrubbed over the sink. Now, I'm aware that I have a belly, well a bigger belly than before, and that is not something that is comfortable for me to do anymore.

It's so much fun! I'm growing a tiny little person that is half R and half me! What more could I ever ask for? Well besides more chances to be pregnant.

Best moment of the day: An out of the blue text from R that said, "I can't wait to see our kid". He sees my body changing and my belly growing and loves me more than ever!

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