Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Time Has Finally Come!

Tomorrow we find out baby girl or boy! We are SO excited! Feels like Christmas and I'm 4 years old! Along with everything else this pregnancy brings, we are soaking up our emotions this evening. We are having our first baby and finding out is really going to make it seem real. No more Baby E! Baby will have their name!

On another happy note, our stroller and car seat were delivered to the house today! I was sleeping but jumped up and started pulling and pushing the boxes into the house before the carrier was back in the truck, don't worry I remembered my manners and did give him a very quick, "Thank You!".

I LOVE our stroller! And car seat too. The second row of our Tahoe has captain chairs so it was very important that I find a car seat that was safe for baby to sit in by the door. I'm not worried about my driving or me running into someone, I worried about all the bad drivers who are texting, eating or just not paying attention to the road. We went with the Britax Chaperone car seat and B-Ready stroller. Britax's car seat has had a nice crash test rating, which was extremely important to us. My family keeps telling me to stop buying things for baby because people want to shower us with gifts, but Britax is expensive and they had an amazing promotion going on at the moment. I took full advantage of buying the stroller and getting the car seat for free!

Here are some pictures:

I put it together myself which was very easy. Just a couple things to snap into place. What I love about the stroller is that you can take the seat off and the car seat snaps into the stroller. Almost making it like a snap and go. The stroller is so high and I feel short pushing it. The handle bar comes right below my chest. The stroller drives smooth also. We've been pushing it around the house. Buddy wanted me to carry him and push the stroller. He's still my baby!

Well, I should be going now. Quality time with R and all of our excitement!

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