Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Teaser of Walker's Room

Our house was built in the 60's and we knew when we bought it that we would put in some love before selling. Now that Mr. Walker is on his way, I've put a fire under R's booty to hurry up and get things done!

I already had bedding in mind for both a girl and a boy and had paint colors picked out in my head. I changed it if you are frequent reader and think I'm referring back to the bedding in a previous post. When we heard the news that he was a boy, it all became real. R was off Sunday and we woke up early to head to Home Depot to get sheet rock to spray and to pick out the color. Have you ever seen anyone shoot sheet rock before? It's a mess! I was in charge of holding this cardboard cutout on the edges of the windows so it wouldn't cover it. When all was said and done, I was covered with white stuff. We went with the orange peel drop down and it looks fantastic! Thank you Lord for blessing me with a man who knows how to do handy work around the house. Have I ever told you that R has built a house before in his short lifetime of 25 years? Pretty cool, huh? Any type of machinery that someone would need to fix a house or update, R has it!

Anyways, next came the paint in which I'm not allowed to help. I decided to go with Behr's dolphin fin. LOVE IT! It is going to look so good with Walker's dark espresso crib and dresser and blue/red bedding! He's also getting a new ceiling fan. Funny story behind that. One time R came home from work and said, "Know what I learned at work today? That if you have a ceiling fan in a baby's room it lowers the risks of SIDS". Did I mention that R works with nothing but men, well mostly men, a few women here and there. He often comes home with these ridiculous "man" facts that I sure no one cares to know about but men.

So here's just a little taste of R working on Walker's room.

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