Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Glucose Test

So after that horrible 1 hour glucose test that I had blown veins and whatnot, the results came back that it was higher than average. I was totally bummed. Nobody wants that, I mean there's not bad about it if you follow the rules and whatnot but it wasn't what I envisioned for my pregnancy.
In between the knuckles, 5 days after being poked.

5 days after being poked.

I had to call back and make an appointment for the 3 hour glucose test the following Monday. My bruises were still fresh and I had to fast for this one. At the 1 hour she told me that I wasn't hydrated enough, which I think is a bunch of bologna! I was too! But now I find out that I had to fast and thought, "If she couldn't find my veins with me drinking and eating before the last test, what the heck is going to happen at this one?"

Well, let me tell you! She tried to go in on my hand (the bruise seen above), which effing hurt! But we got one vile and then I had to chug, chug, chug a hot drink (she forgot to put one in the fridge for me). Once that was over, every hour on the hour, I went back for another vile of blood. The second time she tried to go in the same spot but it blew and then resorted to the side of my wrist.

She got it! And another hour and another vile were down. I met a lot of pregnant people in the waiting room and heard ALL about their babies and how they LOVE Dr. Milner. See, I'm not the only one!

On the second hour is when things got tough. She went in on the wrist again and her luck ran out. She dug, and dug, and dug and I was squirming in my chair. That hurt! She finally had to go through my upper arm, which I don't get why she didn't in the first place. Last appointment she advised me to remember that she goes there with a butterfly needle. But she wouldn't listen. We got the rest of the viles from there and I was set to leave. She made a comment that discouraged me, "I'd say you every right to go eat whatever you want while you can". What the heck was the supposed to mean? Was she already assuming that I had gestational diabetes?

So, on the way home I stop at Wendy's and get me a burger and head home. Wendy's is probably the only place where I don't like their french fries. I get home and start eating my burger on the couch and I have to switch the boy dogs. I go to put Tie in his kennel and come back and my burger is gone. Now, mind you, I haven't ate since 6 pm the following night and it's already noonish. I seriously thought I had lost my hamburger. I start looking around the kitchen and go to bedroom to see if it's there. It's not. Buddy stole my burger while I was putting Tie up and ate it. He was pleasantly licking his lips, tap dancing around the living room. I had taken a few bites. I was hungry and my body was aching and so I cried. I cried because that burger was tasting so damn good and that little booger ate it!

Thankfully, Roy brought me home some food later on that night and let me be a big baby all night.
The next day I got the phone call I was waiting for, "Congratulations Mrs. Emery, you passed the 3 hour test and we don't need to worry about your blood sugar anymore!" Music to my ears! Let me just say, even if this has nothing to do with blood sugar, I don't eat or drink a lot of sweets. But the morning of the 1 hour at 5 am, I ate breakfast with my husband that consisted of eggs and hash browns mixed together and smother in ketchup with a big ol' cup of orange juice. I really think that is what made me fail!

But everything is good to go with Baby Emery and we find out in 15 days!

What do you think we will have? A baby girl or a baby boy?


Cuppy Cakes and Creations said...

I still think a boy!!!

Mrs. Emery said...

I get more and more excited everyday! I can't wait to find out!

Cuppy Cakes and Creations said...

I'm getting so anxious I've been counting down!!