Saturday, November 17, 2012

World Prematurity Day

Today we wear purple to spread awareness for prematurity around the world. On one of the preemie Facebook pages they had pictures of different cities around the world who lit bridges or monuments purple to support this day. 

Walker will forever be a preemie. He may be a former preemie but we will always show our support. Look at how far we have come and what great knowledge we have to share to other countries about prematurity. That is just another reason why I love living in the US of A!

Here are some of our family friends who participated with us:
One tiny...
25 weeks 1lb 14 oz
Always strong...

"What do you mean I was tiny?"

"Do you still think I'm tiny?"

Cousin Izzy showing her support for Baby Walkie .

Beautiful Cam showing her support for her preemie friends!

Aunt Julie of course showed her support for her favorite brother's little boy.

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