Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is nothing more exciting than having a child and celebrating the holidays. I have never really enjoy Thanksgiving, its true. My grandparents use to video tape us going around the table asking what we were thankful for each year and my usual response was, while mean mugging the camera, "nothing". I was clearly the most pleasant child.

Last year I took it really hard not getting to spend Walker's first holidays at home and going all out. But this year I am soaking up every thing and making sure he is nothing but happy. He had a fantastic time at Nana's house for Thanksgiving. He sat in his high chair next to Izzy and played with his new Christmas themes bath toy. My mom always has something Christmas related to give us at Thanksgiving. The toys were a huge hit with the kids. Walker ate so much turkey! He was the only grandchild to even eat food and I think he ate his share and also Izzy and Adam's share. My mom did an excellent job cooking Thanksgiving dinner all by herself. Walker and Adam were fighting for Nana's attention. He spent some time with his Aunt Nancy and Uncle John. He was nothing but smiles and giggles. The only thing missing was R; he was working. But Walker ate Thanksgiving left over with R after his Thanksgiving day nap.

Ha, Ha, Ha!

It's hard trying to get three little people to smile at one time and one camera. 

Yadams: My mom says I need to sit in the chair and get my picture taken.
Walkie: Well, I'm sitting here.
Yadams: Mom!

This was what Walker was like all day long!

"Mommy and Me"

Aunt Sissy and Cousin Adam 

Uncle J is working nights so he was sleeping Thanksgiving  day away.

Nana and her grandbabies 

Hey there cutie!

Gobble til' you Wobble!

My mom made a pumpkin pie for R.
"I'm what?"

"I AM Daddy's Little Turkey!"

I think I have been shopping on Black Friday since it started. We use to spend Thanksgiving at my grandparent's in Canyon Lake, so I would go with my mom and Aunt Nancy to the outlets in San Marcos. Since I started, I have only gotten in to two altercations. One with a little old lady who got in my way at Kohl's and then last night at Target with a drunken young adult who cut in line. I love it! I always go to Target for their sheet set and blankets.

For the past couple of years I have taken R with me. He gets so pumped up! He hates standing in line in the cold but when they doors start opening and the line starts moving, he's filled with energy! We always plan out where we are going and out strategy for the day. At Target they pass out these maps and R keeps repeating where he's going and where I am. It really is fun! Even though he had to go to work this morning, we got a lot of shopping down last night and I think we saved $258.70. That's not bad at all!

We picked this little guy up from Nana's house and he wasn't ready to go to bed when we got home.

We hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones! It's Christmas time y'all!

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