Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Cousins Came Over!

Walker's cousins, Isabella and Adam, made a surprise stop and stayed for a little bit. Toys were every where, hugs were given- way too many to count, and of course tears. Oh yeah, and poop was every where too. That would be from Walkie! 

Izzy giving the babies a tickle fight. 

Walker showing off his muscular physique! 

Adam is obsessed with balls. And throwing them. 

See the piano that Adam is holding, if I had a picture, the next one would  be of Adam throwing the piano in Walker's face. Cue tears. 

"Come here, Wa Wa"

Adam gives the best hugs. "Hey man, this is my personal space"

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Another one. 
I love that Walker is able to cousins to grow up with!

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