Thursday, November 1, 2012

Look What I Can Do!

Today we went to Cracker Barrel and had breakfast with Nana, Aunt Sissy and cousin Adam. The waitress LOVED Walker and he was giving her some good smiles! It's amazing to see Walker interacting more with people now that he can actually see them.
My sister sent me this picture with the text, "Bros before Hoes". So funny!

Cousins are best friends!

After breakfast, we went to check out the new Tanger Outlets and R forgot to put the stroller back in my car. I had to Baby Bjorn Walker. My Lord, that kid is HEAVY! I was top heavy. It was so funny and he was having so much fun!

I cancelled PT today to spend the day with family. I know, I know. But in reality, if Walker went through another evaluation he would not qualify for PT. I need to call Early Intervention and ask for speech therapy. Walker is more vocal and his receptive language is great, but he's suppose to be getting ST instead of PT. 

Today Walker did a new trick...
"Here I go"

"What am I doing?!"

"I think this is something cool"

A baby push up! 

Go Walker!

"What the heck was that? My arms are killing me now"

"...and the frog goes "ribbit, ribbit, ribbit""

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