Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whose Child Is This?

Oh mylanta! Walker has changed into his alter-ego! These teeth better start popping through.
Oh what a cute baby! He looks so comfy!

Yeah, you bet he was! This picture was taken Monday night at about 10. Walker was wide awake. Wouldn't go to sleep unless he was in our bed with both Mommy and Daddy. I thought it was a fluke and on Tuesday when he went to sleep at his regular bedtime, we were extra quiet.

Then, his monstrous alter-ego woke up with a vengeance at 9 and refused to go to bed. In fact he was screaming, not crying, for 2 hours. We were taking turns holding, swaying, and rocking all the while sushing. R got in trouble because he kept pulling the tail to the musical elephant that A&T got Walker. Every time he would pull the tail it would make this sound that Walker would pop his head off my shoulder and start smiling.

Since clearly he wasn't going to sleep, we put him in our bed to watch NY Med and relax. Walker enjoys watching TV. His blanket was in the way and he couldn't see the TV and got pretty upset. We moved the blanket and he was happy. He was tossing and turning and grabbing both of us. BUT, he was happy and not screaming. So he stayed put. Close to 11 he fell asleep and I was contemplating leaving him in the bed to ensure he would get some rest. I'm not one that is comfortable with co-sleeping so when he finally fell asleep I made a dangerous move and moved him to his bed.

He only woke a couple times and went back to sleep when I gave him his pacifier. He slept until 9 this morning. I'm one to believe that babies need a good 12 hours of sleep. He's being extra lazy, grouchy and lethargic today.

I curse you teeth! If Wilson Phillips wrote music about teething is would go something like this, "Break free, break free, from the gums".

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