Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And it's gone!

Walker is Broviac free!

I called and called his surgeon, Dr. Naik's office repeatedly on Monday morning. No one would answer. Finally around 3pm a secretary called back and was explaining to me all the instructions. At the end of our conversation I asked her when was Walker scheduled and she told me the next morning. Gee thanks! As excited as I was, I was pretty nervous. 

The instructions were simple. No formula or milk after midnight; Walker goes to bed at 6:30 so I knew this would not be fun. His appointment was for 9:30am but we had to arrive at 7:30; Walker wakes up at 6:30 and is always ready to eat. We woke up and got ready and R went out to start the Tahoe. The battery was dead. Fantastic way to start the morning. We've had a lot of rain and it's cooled down just a little so we knew that was the reason. By this time, Walker is crying crocodile tears and is not happy. But, he was super excited to see Daddy.

We arrived and Walker was checked in and had his vitals taken. They have rolls of stickers and Daddy picked out Thomas the Train for Walkie.

"Look Mommy, Daddy!"

"You better not leave Daddy"

"Just dancing and exercising, nothing to see here"

After an explosive diaper and a pajama change, Walker took a little nap.
 We were taken back to the pre-op room where Walker was given this cute little outfit! It was a top with draw string bottoms. The top was huge as you can see.

 Walker took another cat nap while we waited for about an hour and a half. It was 11am at this point and Walker could NOT be without his pacifier.

We were super excited to see Dr. Naik, as was she to see us. She took a picture of Walker and couldn't stop staring. She's such a great surgeon. She didn't want to intubate but anesthesiology had a different plan. She's a tough cookie. She can rip you a new one with the sweetest tone in her voice and with a sincere smile across her face. She's fierce!

We walked over to the Pavilion for Women and had lunch. Their food court has the best fried green beans. By the time we were finished and walked over to the surgery waiting room, the procedure was complete. We talked with Dr. Naik and she wants to follow Walker for a little while. Everyone is amazed at Walker. If it wasn't for her eagerness to want to open Walker up in those early days, who knows what would have happened or how much more gut he would've lost. We LOVE Dr. Naik. She is Walker's surgeon and we have/will always request her.

We were taken back to the surgery recovery room. This was a totally different outcome than when he had the Broviac implanted, you can see his pictures here. He was screaming crying and not happy whatsoever. Of course he wanted his Momma and his pacifier and things started to calm down. They gave him another dose of some pain meds and he fought hard, but finally took a small nap. We weren't allowed to leave until his saturation levels were at 96. He came back from surgery in the 96's so that's what he had to have to leave. Walker's range is in between 90-94. No one would listen though. R had to hold him vertically and we finally got it up. His recovery nurse thought he needed oxygen.

We put Walker in his car seat and headed home. He was crying and we put the Thomas the Train sticker in front of his face, he grabbed it, and held it and wouldn't let it go.

He stayed awake the whole drive home looking out the window. When we got home he just wanted to kick back and relax with Daddy. We switched him to his big boy pajamas and just lounged for the rest of the day. 
 He decided since he was a big boy now that he would try to feed himself.
 He almost has it down!

Happy as a clam and giving a duck/smoochie face!

Bumpy gums
 Dr. Naik is so sweet. She cut a hand shape gauze out and put it on Walker's chest.

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