Thursday, July 26, 2012

DQ Miracle Treat Day

There's no doubt in our minds that Texas Children's Hospital saved our precious little Walker's life. Whenever we can, we try to give back in some way. I remember receiving a letter in the mail that a donation had been made to the Ronald McDonald House in Walker's name from my babysitter growing up, JA. We cried.

TCH is a magical place. Not magical like Walt Disney World but magical in the sense that miracles happen there. You see it all around you. There is no doubt that there is heartache but with every patient, I believe, they are finding cures and new treatments for future patients.

Participating Dairy Queens said that they would give proceeds of every blizzard they sold today to the Children's Miracle Network which helps children's hospitals. From the Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day website, they say, "These donations have gone to support research and training, purchase equipment, and pay for uncompensated care, actions that align with their mission to save and improve the lives of as many children as possible".

I made a bribe to my Facebook friends to go out and get a Dairy Queen blizzard and take a picture of themselves with it and they would make the blog. And they did! Their purchases helped raise money for children's hospitals in their area.


Nurse Redora left a present for Walker the last night she worked. We miss her as well as Esther.

Did I mention this is an 18 month shirt. Must run small. We didn't get a picture with a blizzard because Walker threw up all over his shirt and himself.
Aunt Sissy and Cousin Izzy LOVE Baby Walkies!

Papa and Nana support Walker (Texas Ranger)!

Walker's bud C-Baby from Las Vegas!

Erin's twin girls, Q&A, spent time in the NICU also. Q&A had the same due date as Walker and they are 4 weeks a part in age. Erin and Q&A are from Colorado!

The new Mrs. W stopped and enjoyed a blizzard and thought about Walker while she was vacation as well.

Eva Diva is going to be a BIG sister to Walker's BFF's H&C that are due in November!

Little G and Alex showed their support for Walker too!

Stephanie showed her support in her very own way! :)

Amanda, from Virgina Beach, showed her support and even ate dairy! (She's not supposed to!)

Jessica and her husband are too cute for words with their matching blizzards!

Sweet Carla bought the whole fam a blizzard, well, maybe not little Sissy.


Erin Brown said...

All the Colorado mama's got Walkie's back!

Mrs. Emery said...

For sure!

Amanda said...

So sweet, H! (literally). I got all misty eyed. Walkie is such an amazing little guy.

PS: I tried so hard to take a pic with me in it... You should have seen me fighting with my phone in the DQ parking lot. No dice. Not cool, phone. Not cool ;)